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at Kens Korner

Thanks for visiting our website! We are located in Clinton, Washington at the back of CRITTERS AND CO Pet Center! Our dog wash is state of the art and easy on you AND your best friend  No more stress and anxiety for you or your pet. No appointment needed.  We look forward to seeing you and your furry friend!  

Helpful hints to prepare for your visit:

1.Our dryer is excellent but you might want to bring a towel to help expediate the drying process (Critters and Co have towels for purchase)

2.If Cash is your preferred method of payment, please note that the machine only accepts 1,5 and 10 dollar bills.  

3. $15.00 for 15 minutes, $20.00 for 20 minutes, $5 for additional 5 minutes if you need more time.

4. Our machine accepts all credit and debit cards.


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Made in the USA

Made in Colorado the Evolution Dog Wash innovative dog wash system is state of the art and built to be a wonderful and enjoyable experience for our furry friends.

Not only is the Evolution Dog Wash designed to be convenient for our pets, but in order to accommodate those with disabilities and limited mobility, the Evolution Dog Wash is designed to be accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities.

Evolution Dog Wash - Promotional Video
Evolution Dog Wash, an Applewood GJ Company

Evolution Dog Wash - Promotional Video

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